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Oh, the Old World! It offers so much. The architecture, the people, the romance, history, and so many languages! It’s easy to understand why Europe is the destination most Americans only dream of experiencing. Although I’ve been to a number of cities in Europe, I have so much more to see. Here are a few of my favorite destinations.

My latest in European travel

Andalusia: A Stunning Tapestry of Culture
Spain’s distinct architecture, fashion, cuisine, and culture make it an ideal destination for inspiration...
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Sevilla for an Authentic Spanish Vibe
Sevilla simply takes your breath away. Filled with an air of mystery and magic, every corner is hard...
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Daydream about Amsterdam in spring
Amsterdam’s charming architecture will have you roaming the city, stopping only to quench your thirst...
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Six nights in Sitges is sure to brighten your life
Sitges is a secluded Spanish coastal town, where flip flops and people-watching are the norm, and beaches...
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The best of Barcelona awaits
Barcelona clings to the Balearic Sea on Spain’s northeastern coast. It’s an international metropolis...
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Best recommendations for a fantastic visit in Madrid
Madrid is a leading, world-class metropolis. It’s vibrant, historic, easy to get around, and inexpensive....
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Valencia: More than just rice for paella
Culturally rich and historically diverse. Get to know the Valencia, enjoy their cuisine, and learn about...
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Northern Spain: A perfect autumn destination
With optimal weather, the north of Spain is the best place to visit in autumn.
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My favorite running routes in Europe

Going on a crisp morning run on my travels has been the best way to see the city, especially because I start at the crack of dawn. That’s usually before anyone gets up. These are my favorite European running routes.

Mexico City!

CDMX is a special place. It’s a cosmopolitan city with a flair for decadence. If you want to celebrate Día de los Muertos right, head to Mexico City between October 31 through November 2 for an impressive celebration.

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