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Health & Wellness

In this blog, health and wellness encompass both personal health and environmental wellness. It would be difficult to be healthy if the environment in which we live is not. I’ve focussed on my own nutritional and fitness journey. Here, you’ll find tips and  reviews of the fitness products I’ve tested and recommendations for the brands I prefer. I also provide a few easy ways to improve the wellbeing of the planet.

What's new in Health and Wellness

Do your part

The health of the environment has always been important to me. If every consumer on Earth would just pull together to replace everyday plastics with a suitable alternative, we could improve our carbon footprint.

Running & Nutrition

Marathon training philosophy for novice runners
Marathon training season is here, and I’ve got a simple plan you can follow to prepare for your first...
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My favorite running routes in Europe
Oh, the Old World! It’s easy to fall in love with Europe. Each city I’ve ever visited there is uniquely...
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A whole-food, plant-based switch
Switching to a whole-food, plant-based, diet is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve never looked back.
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