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My Best Plan Book Cover




Architect Gene López-Pérez has everything she’s ever wanted: a daughter, a thriving career, and a stable relationship with the love of her life, Isa. But the moment she’s banned from an emergency room because her daughter is not biologically hers, Gene wonders if she’ll ever be legally recognized as her daughter’s other mother.

Biomedical Engineer Isa keeps her home and work lives separate, lest she risk losing funding for important medical research in a homophobic, male-dominated industry. The secrecy is a price she’s resigned herself to paying, but it strains her home life.

When Spain legalizes same-sex marriage, Gene proposes the impossible: move to Spain and get married so she can adopt her daughter and receive the parental recognition denied to her in America. When Isa refuses, Gene does the unthinkable and leaves, desperate to move out from under Isa’s shadow and fight against all odds to legally adopt her daughter.

Is the love Gene and Isa share strong enough to heal their differences and bring them back to each other?

Coming March 12, 2024

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